Urban League of Broward County Logo Guidelines

 The Urban League of Broward County’s logo is the most important element in the graphic standards and must always remain constant. The logo itself consists of two parts, the mark and the tag line. The proportions should not be changed and the typography should not be modified. The logo symbolizes the organization and its integrity should be maintained.


The mark consists of the circle surrounding the equality sign and the name of the organization. 
It is set in Frutiger (55 Roman) and Frutiger (65 Bold).

For high resolution in EPS format, contact (954) 625-2544

This distortion effect happens when you stretch or decrease the logo from the top or bottom.If you are resizing the logo, please only do it by clicking and dragging the logo from the corners. This will maintain the height to width ratio of the original logo. 
The Urban League of Broward County logo may be used only in the color combinations shown below with Pantone/PMS color 187 (red), RGB – 201/0/22 or CMYK – C- 0%, M – 100%, Y- 79%, K – 20%.
Changing the color of the elements is not allowed. Lower resolution files such as JPEGs, TIFFs or BMPs can be used on documents that may be printed on a laser printer, such as a word document. However, when printing professionally, the high-resolution EPS Urban League of Broward County logo must be used.

The Urban League of Broward County logo should always be surrounded by clear, open space with no other elements intruding. The layout below demonstrates the minimum amount of clear space necessary. Additional open space is ideal. (Clear space does not have to be white space, but should be a continuous tone of background color).



The logo will appear in varied sizes depending on the communication piece. However, to ensure the legibility and clarity, and to help ensure consistency in the branding of Urban League of Broward County, the logo should be no smaller than 1.28” (h) x 3.89” (w) on any piece prepared by Urban League of Broward County staff or outside parties.


In cases where Urban League of Broward County is a sponsoring organization for another group or event and is asked to supply a logo as part of that grant or sponsorship, the logo may be used at a smaller size than shown above. In those instances, the logo may be used at a minimum size of 0.39” (h) x 1.16 (w)”. Under no circumstances should the logo ever be used smaller than the minimum size or it begins to compromise the look of the logo and the quality of the lettering.

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