(April 20, 2021) – Fort Lauderdale, FL. We applaud today's conviction of Derek Chauvin on the counts of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. This is an important step towards justice for George Floyd, and his family, and our entire nation. Nearly one year ago, protests erupted around the nation in response to his murder, and for nearly 10 minutes, we all watched in horror as he pleaded for his life. While today’s conviction stands as an exception to the norm regarding police brutality convictions, we remain adamant and hopeful about the need for common-sense justice reform. Racial trauma has left the Black community in a perpetual state of grief, incessantly triggered by fatal encounters with police – leaving little to no room in our nation for healing. We demand that Congress pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to further demonstrate a commitment to racial justice and to end the unjustified killing of Black people in America. 

After an emotionally charged year, we will continue urging lawmakers to ensure the passage of this critical legislation. We stand in solidarity with the National Urban League and other civil rights organizations in our fight for justice and accountability. There is too much at stake, and our collective voices have the power to push the needle forward. 

To the young people following this tragedy, know that your Urban League still fights for you. You deserve to live a safe, healthy and loved environment, and it is our responsibility to do the critical work necessary to build a society free of injustice.

Our support and prayers continue to be with the family of George Floyd during this time. We urge everyone in our community to join the Urban League in making their voices heard in a safe, meaningful, and impactful way.

About the Urban League of Broward County

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