Urban League Helps Broward School District Adopt New Supplier Diversity Outreach Policy

The Urban League of Broward County proudly participated in drafting a new School Board of Broward County policy to provide fair and equitable distribution of procurement and contracting opportunities to our local diverse business community.

Germaine Smith-Baugh, Ed.D., CEO and President of the Urban League of Broward County, was a key part of the 30-member Disparity Study Work Group that reviewed, prioritized and provided feedback to the District’s new Supplier Diversity Outreach Program, known as Policy 3330.

The main highlights of Policy 3330 include:

  • Expanding the original Minority/Women Business Enterprise Program to now include local small businesses.
  • Implementing a Prime Contract Program to increase opportunities for local businesses to contract directly with the District, as opposed to working in a subcontract capacity.
  • Requiring prime contractors utilizing subcontractors to achieve specific levels of participation from small, minority and women-owned businesses (S/M/WBEs) in the subcontract work.
  • Providing companies with incentive points in the evaluation process for S/M/WBE participation.

The new policy -- approved on January 18 and takes effect on July 1 -- followed a Disparity Study commissioned by the District and completed in October 2015 to assess the level of diversity in the District’s procurement and contracting practices, particularly among S/M/WBEs. The study identified a number of barriers, including various forms of marketplace discrimination that weakened the participation of minority and women-owned businesses. 

“It was truly an honor working alongside local community stakeholders and District staff members to promote economic inclusion of all segments of our business population, especially our small, minority and women-owned businesses,” Dr. Smith-Baugh said. “We want to congratulate the District for moving forward in creating this important new policy which will help many minority businesses.”

Our group’s work in helping the District create this important new policy is directly connected to the Urban League’s mission of enabling African-Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.”

A series of community meetings will be held to educate local businesses about the new Supplier Diversity Outreach Program Policy 3330.  For more details, contact the District’s Supplier, Diversity Outreach Program at 754-321-0550.    

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