On This Election Day in 2020, Your Urban League Will Stay the Course

2020 illuminated a spotlight on deeply rooted racial and socioeconomic divisions that have crippled the progress of our nation. Our commitment to you is to stay the course to dismantle systems of inequality and oppression that were woven into the fabric of our democracy. Like the generations before us, it is our duty to use our voices and lived experiences as the tools to enact meaningful and lasting change.

To those who are unable to vote, we encourage you not to lose hope. Get engaged in community forums and rally behind issues that matter to you. We need everyone and all the tools of civic engagement to ensure our voices are heard.

To voters heading to the polls today, stay the course. Your voice —and your vote —matters.

No matter who wins the presidential election, the Urban League will stay the course and continue to fight for you. Our unwavering commitment to advance racial equity, opportunity and justice for those whose voices have been muted or even silenced will never change.