Since the start of the pandemic, community leaders across the nation have worked quickly to ensure people had access to accurate information about COVID-19 prevention and treatment. This challenge was exacerbated by a rise in misinformation about the vaccine. The Urban League of Broward County has partnered with the Health Foundation of South Florida to encourage the Broward County community, especially communities of color, to become more informed and get vaccinated.

Use this page to learn more about how COVID-19 has impacted our community, sign up for the I Did It raffle, and volunteer to educate our community.


With proof of your COVID-19 vaccination after Sep 15, 2021, the Urban League of Broward County in partnership with the Health Foundation of South Florida is giving away FREE gift cards while supplies last.

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The Urban League of Broward County is engaging in a door-to-door canvassing campaign providing COVID-19 and Vaccine education to 4,000 Black/African-American households in North and Central Broward. In addition to households, canvassers will also outreach to local small businesses, including barbershops, hair salons, local grocery stores, and other neighborhood businesses providing information and materials for distribution. 

Click the link to sign up to participate in the I Did It strategy to ensure that members in the community know the resources available to them. The Urban League of Broward County will provide training and specific opportunities to volunteer. 


Listen to Community Leaders and Hear Why They Did It?

Facts and Myths

  • COVID-19 has hit communities of color harder.

The Black community in Florida has suffered significantly higher rates of COVID cases and hospitalizations than the white, non-Hispanic population. Black people represent about 20% of the population in Florida but have experienced five times the hospitalizations.

  • We are more at risk.

Black people are more likely to be essential workers, less likely to be able to work from home so they can isolate from others. In addition, we tend to live in larger, multi-generational households, which means our extended families are vulnerable to being exposed to the virus.

  • We are likelier to get more severely sick.

That’s because conditions like diabetes and heart disease are very common in our community, and those illnesses can make a case of COVID-19 more severe and deadly.

  • We are behind in getting the vaccine.

In Broward, the Black population makes up 38 percent of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 -- but only 8 percent of those vaccinated.
The vaccines were made with everyone in mind and this is why we must all do our part.

For questions or more information, contact Emma Jean-Etienne, our Community Relations Coordinator, at 786-262-1045 or ejetienne@ulbcfl.org.