National Youth Leadership Summit Coming To Nova Southeastern University

Alica Brown
June 24, 2015

National Youth Leadership Summit Coming To Nova Southeastern University
Summit Part of 2015 National Urban League Conference in Broward Convention Center on July 29-Aug. 1

The National Urban League Youth Leadership Summit will be held July 28-August 2 on the campus of Nova Southeastern University (NSU), bringing more than 600 youth to the Fort Lauderdale area to learn about college preparedness and celebrate their successes.

The college-based summit -- called Raise the Bar: Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It! -- is being held in conjunction with the 2015 National Urban League Conference at Broward Convention Center on July 29-Aug. 1, which will draw close to 10,000 attendees, bring in as much as $10 million to the local economy, and showcase hundreds of local businesses in its Marketplace section.

“This Summit offers a wonderful opportunity for students to share and learn and to get excited about their future and plans for going to college,” said Dr. George  Hanbury, President of Nova Southeastern University.  “We are happy to welcome these students to NSU, giving them an opportunity to experience living on a college campus and learning from so many outstanding educators.”

To allow more local youth to attend the summit, the Children’s Services Council of Broward County (CSC) will provide 100 scholarships (total value of $40,000) for students across Broward County to participate. Youth affiliated with these organizations have been offered partial and/or full scholarships: Big Brothers- Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club, Northwest YMCA, Hispanic Unity of South Florida, HANDY, ASPIRA, PACE, College Summit, Honey Shine, Commission of Substance Abuse Broward Youth Coalition, FLITE Center, South Florida Cares, KID, Omega Psi Phi Lamp Lighters, and Hundred Black Men. “The CSC exists in large part to provide children and youth the opportunity to grow up to be responsible, productive adults,” said Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, CSC President/CEO. “The Urban League’s youth leadership summit is an event that very much leads towards that goal and the CSC is proud to be a sponsor.”

The summit will be the largest that the National Urban League has organized in its 25-year history. Youth will learn about subjects such as STEM education, wellness, and cultural literacy. They will find out how to market themselves and celebrate their successes. They will live, eat, and be educated on campus.

FedEx is the leading corporate sponsor of the National Urban League Youth Leadership Summit.

“What a fantastic opportunity for our youth to spend time together, learn and be inspired to lead our communities now and in the future,” said Germaine Smith-Baugh, Ed.D., president and CEO of Urban League of Broward County. “We are so grateful to the Children’s Services Council and our many other partners who have enabled many of our young people to take part in this life-changing event.”

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