Urban League Kicks Off Summer Enrichment Camp

Alica Brown
June 18, 2015

The Urban League of Broward County has started its 10-week Summer Enrichment Camp that provides a safe and structured environment for children and youth of low-income families. 


Camp activities for the more than 200 children feature cultural enrichment field trips, life-skills training, academic development programs, water safety and swimming instruction, and arts & crafts projects. 


There will also be music education in the camp’s programming, thanks to Dreams & Visions International, a nonprofit organization based in Coral Springs, which assists underprivileged children through education, the arts and mentorship. 


Dreams &  Vision's Founder, Linville Johnson, is excited about this year's program. "We are delighted to partner with the Urban League Broward County on theSummer Enrichment Camp.  This partnership signifies the beginning of something very special...something we do together to impact  lives and communities through children. We love the fact that Urban League shares our core values and goals which is why we anticipate a long and fruitful partnership." You can find out more about Dreams & Visions by visiting www.dreamsandvisionsinternational.org.


"The camp was created to give our at-risk children a safe and positive alternative during summer break while mitigating any learning losses that typically happen when kids aren't in school," said Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh, president and CEO of the Urban League of Broward County.


Dr. Smith-Baugh added: “The children are exposed to activities that boost their self-esteem and social resiliency while empowering them to form productive, strong relationships with their peers, parents and teachers."


Learn more about the Summer Enrichment Camp here


About Urban League of Broward County


Celebrating 40 years of service, the Urban League of Broward County is a not for profit organization founded to empower communities and change lives. Our mission is to assist African Americans and other disenfranchised groups in the achievement of social and economic equality.  Our “Breaking the Cycle” programs uplift more than 7,000 people every year through affordable housing initiatives, youth development and diversion, employment and training, community empowerment, and civic engagement. We are hosting the National Urban League 2015 Annual Conference on July 31-August 1 in Fort Lauderdale. Learn more about the Urban League of Broward County by visiting: www.ulbroward.org.

About Dreams & Visions International 
Dreams and Visions International is a non-profit organization whose goal is to assist underprivileged youth and young adults in the state of Florida and the Nations of the Caribbean through mentorship and developmental programs. The ultimate goal is to educate, motivate, inspire, and encourage current and future generations in order to build stronger, more productive communities.
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