Ferguson decision: Statement from Urban League of Broward County

Alica Brown
November 21, 2014

Statement on Grand Jury Decision in the Michael Brown Case in Ferguson

Concerning the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the Urban League of Broward County calls upon the residents of our community and those elsewhere across our nation to respect the decision of the grand jury and to express themselves within the boundaries of law.  

As part of a national coalition of civil and human rights organizations and leaders committed to the protection of the rights of all Americans, we also impress upon elected officials, law enforcement, the legal profession, businesses and all those in our nation interested in social justice, that we must not allow the killing of Michael Brown and other unarmed individuals across the country to be in vain. We ask the community at large to make sure that this tragedy results in future systemic change to prevent similar tragic shootings.

It’s only by leveling social and economic barriers that stand in the way of opportunity for struggling families that we can achieve progress and fix the long-term issues that created an environment ripe for the formidable chasms and deep-rooted tensions in Ferguson.

The Urban League of Broward County is committed to creating progress – true progress -- that leads to better livelihoods and development of our community. Our “Breaking the Cycle” programs improve our community’s economic stability by addressing the root challenges in four critical areas: jobs, education, housing and health. We, along with our partners, are working together to share resources and expertise in creating an expanded web of activities and services to uplift families and address the challenges to prevent another “Ferguson-like” occurrence. 

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