Frequently Asked Questions

What are ULBC office hours?

Monday through Friday; 8:00am - 5:00pm. See map and get directions.

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What services does the ULBC offer?

Urban League of Broward County programs are designed to develop youth leadership skills, social skills, foster positive behaviors and attitudes.  Academic/homework assistance/tutoring, substance/alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy prevention, and SAT preparation workshops are also offered.  We also help individuals obtain their GED, gain work experience, and develop employable skills,  Homeownership, financial literacy, and foreclosue counseling are offered, as well as an Individual Development Account program to help individuals and families build wealth through a home purchase, pursuit of post-secondary education, or small business launch. See more about available Assistance and Opportunities.

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Which schools have ULBC before and after school programs?

Elementary Schools

  • Dillard Elementary Schools, 2330 NW 12th Court, Fort Lauderdale

Middle Schools

  • William Dandy Midle School, 2400 NW 26th Street, Fort Lauderdale
  • Plantation Middle School, 6600 West Sunrise Blvd., Plantation
  • Arthur Ashe Middle School, 1701 NW 23rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale

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When do I sign-up for the Summer Enrichment Program?

Registration begins in March.  Please call our main office at 954.584.08

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Do you offer community service opportunities to youth?

Community service opportunities are offered to youth in ULBC programs.  If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, please contact VolunteerBroward. 

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I have a certificate of completion.  What do I need to do to get my GED?

The Urban League's Economic Empowerment office can help you get on track and assist you with career development.  Call us at 954-625-2570 for more information.

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What Assistance and Opportunities does Urban League of Broward provide?

Employment Assistance

The Urban League of Broward County offers skills assessments, training, and job placement through our Economic Empowerment programs.  Call 954-625-2570 for more information.

Rent Assistance

The Urban League of Broward County's Family Success Center provides emergency rental assistance and referrals for food, shelter, and clothing to qualified families and individuals.  For more infomation, please call 954.625.2570.

Scholarships Opportunities

The Urban League of Broward County does not currently offer college scholarships.  However, we advise you to visit your guidance counselor regularly to show your interest in receiving scholarship related information.  Also from time to time, our Education Coordinator receives scholarship information. Call 954-584-0777.

Juvenile Prevention, Intervention, and Diversion Program

The Urban League of Broward County's diversion program works with youth referred by the court.   Participants are first time offenders who are referred by the court to a diversion program in lieu of receiving a jail sentence.  Participants must complete and graduate from a 12 week program which includes community restoration activities, victim advocacy services, victim restitution, conflict resolution training, and anger management. Learn more.

Homeownership / Financial Literacy

The Urban League of Broward County's homeownership and financial literacy program is designed to help you avoid predatory lending practices, eliminate barriers to homeownership, gain control and understanding of your finances, and provide access to grants, loans, credit anlysis, and credit counseling services. Call 954-625-2570 for more information. Learn more.

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